RoSource Dev-Log #6

RoSource Dev-Log #6: June 22nd - June 29th
Welcome to the sixth official dev-log everyone! For those of you new to RoSource, we are a group that is bringing a new, high-quality Half Life 2 experience to Roblox. Check out our group here.

This week focused mostly on visual aspects of the game, from props to UI to some gun system recoil changes (not showcased since it’s minor).

Prop Pack

This week there’ve been a variety of props imported to fit the crafting system. Ranging from a variety of different backpack sizes to cans that can be broken down into metal scrap, rations as well as ration tokens and a few melee weapons to be seen in use further into development.

Game UI

This week some cool stuff happened with the game UI. Here’s a screenshot of the full layout currently.

Tool Equipping: The new quickbar

This week we changed tool equipping to a new quickbar system instead of the previous drag-and-drop slot hotbar system.

Crafting Recipe Layout

This week we introduced the beginnings of the crafting system: the recipe layout UI. The system automatically lays out all recipes in a nice organized tree that will display recipe icons & whether or not they are unlocked.

Rooftop Access

While this has long been removed from public access, the roofs are now back on City 17 and fully filled in to fit all your rooftop exploration needs.

Rusty USP

This week we took apart the USP model and slapped some rust texturing on it to create the rusty USP parts that players will be able to find and create a USP with. It’s not cheese dust, it’s rust, okay?