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Hi there! I am the creator of RoStrap. I wanted to announce today that I created an overview page to list all of the libraries which are installable by RoStrap. Link here. Please check it out and let me know what you think! The most popular are the RoStrapUI libraries, which are my implementation of Material Design elements. Don’t leave before you look at the demo videos on the page!

Thank you, and happy scripting!


Very useful. Thanks.

Awesome! Two things:

  • how did you manage to clip the ripple circle inside a rounded rectangle? It’s really neat!
  • the pop up UI with the radio buttons should just fade in without changing size that much if you want to be closer to the Material Design spec
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@Elttob Two things:

  • I use several ImageLabels to clip the ink ripple.
  • You are correct. I may change it in the future.

Been using RoStrap for a while in my main project (everything but the UI stuff) and can safely say it’s really useful and works great! It allows me to keep my game’s code organized quite nicely too.


Looks quite nice. I tried to use RoStrap before but the documentation wasn’t very helpful, so this should make things easier for developers, particularly newer ones who aren’t that hands on with how to make their own methods.


Well, I have been working on the documentation. I hope getting started becomes easier as time goes on.

Oh my Bulderman. The UI is absolutely insane. I might have to use this in my new game.

Will it work properly across all devices (e.g. phone or console)?

Well you choose all the properties such as position, size, anchor point, etc so I would assume that it is compatible with all devices.

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I’ve really wanted to get into using RoStrap for a project of mine. I’ve had a brief look at it and it looks very useful for project development using pre-developed libraries that you can install or remove whenever you want.

It’s not just the libraries that this plugin offers though; the very plugin itself is an amazing creation. The UI and accessibility of elements is simple yet elegant. I would certainly recommend this plugin if you wish to incorporate some libraries into your projects.

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For some unknown reason the plugin doesn’t work for me please let me know how I can get the issue fixed.

There’s an issue with their github installer, this includes the nevermore engine.

I’ve published a fork of the copy but doesn’t require HTTP, so, it’s all offline.


How does this only have 35 likes? This is the best UI design library I’ve ever used. Just so you can be happy, it has been used in many popular games. Take for example Roblox’s Got Talent . It’s amazing, and absolutely perfect. I will be using this for any projects I do with UI. With your documentation with examples it’s extremely easy to use. A big thank you to you for making many things possible.

It’s not well documented, so that might be the reason why it never went into the mainstream.

For me the only really thing I needed was the example, from there I could expand.

Does someone have a working version of this? It’s just loading indefinitely for me.

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Does this still work? I’m getting the same issue.

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Seems to be loading forever, been waiting around 2 minutes. :sad:


Yes I have the same problem. :confused: