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What is RoStrap?
RoStrap is a Roblox plugin and resource management system created to help expedite game development on Roblox. Its main goals are to enable an increase in code reusability and to help simplify your code without the loss of any features. RoStrap also gives you the ability to manage your remote events and functions and to easily store key features.

What type of features/library’s does RoStrap have?

There is a variety of different features including various instances based off of Google Material including RippleButtons, Shadow, Dialog, etc.

It also contains a library for creating Bézier curves and simple, yet more advanced tweening.

Is this project maintained?
Yes! Feel free to join the discord server

What about documentation?
You can view the documentation here. Please note that a lot of the documentation is unfinished. If you have an questions, feel free to reply or ask on the discord.

Feel free to add the Roblox plugin here


RoStrap - A 100% open-source library created by @Validark and various other contributors


I’ve actually used this plugin before while experimenting around with modules (buildthomas posted this one on one of my module threads). It’s nice and easy to use. It’s like… importing utilities and incorporating them into your projects, very easily.

It’s quite nice to see that RoStrap has now a dedicated thread, it’s definitely something that comes in handy (for now I’ve only personally used it to install @evaera’s excellent cmdr).

Hopefully they’ll add many more libraries to it :slight_smile: such a great resource to have readily available.

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They are constantly adding more libraries as you’ll see if you check the plugin every so often. As a side point, updates get pushed directly to the plugin so it is probably good to go on the plugin, click the ‘Installed’ button, and there will be an update button next to any packages that are not up-to-date.

I’ve been using this for module management for a really long time, it saves you time on typing out a ton of directories. It also allows you to place all your modules in one place and it’ll end up where its suppose to go. For example if you have a folder with server in the name it won’t expose those modules to the client and you still won’t have to do any directory typing.

Wow! This is extremely well done and looks clean. I could possibly use this for some kind of in-game form. Thanks for sharing.

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