Rotate a part using body movers?


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I am trying to figure out how to rotate a part up and down using body movers, but I don’t know which to use. I want to make this a single rotation, so I can rule out BodyAngularVelocity. I want to try something like:

If anyone knows a solution and what to use, please leave a comment below.

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Use BodyGyros to give parts a constant orientation.


Okay thanks! Quick question, would that make my BodyForce move in the orientation of the BodyGyro?


The body gyro can be used to orientate the part as needed. You can apply a bodyForce after wards to propel the part in that direction.


No. Use BodyThrust if you’d like to apply a force relative to the orientation of a part or convert the force to local space with some CFrame magic. The Developer Hub provides an example:

Using the CFrame:vectorToWorldSpace(Vector3) method, it is possible to translate a force vector that is relative to the part into the world vector necessary for Force. For example, to apply a force to the left an object (no matter which way it’s facing), try:
magnitude = 100
left =, 0, 0) * magnitude – You could also use Vector3.FromNormalId(Enum.NormalId.Left)
bodyForce.Force = bodyForce.Parent.CFrame:vectorToWorldSpace(left)


To make the bodyforce move it in the direction its looking, just do BodyForce.Force = Part.CFrame.lookVector * Speed


BodyGyro would not be my first, second, or third choice for this. The rotation about the end of the block suggests a hinge with motor or with AlignOrientation constraint. A Motor6D connected to an invisible anchored part could also be used if you need constant rotation speed (AlignOrientation is a PD controller, so it will have an easing-like acceleration).

BodyGyro is meant more for stabilizing something on one or more axes, it rotates something about its center of mass, so not ideal for something like a door or hinged part.