Rotate bug/maybe a feature?

I can’t rotate normally and its driving me mad. Did i press something i should’nt?

please help

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This is not a bug, you just need to adjust the increment.

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Which will be found in the model tab where it says move.

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You’ve moved the snap to grid for rotate larger than needed, I tend to do my rotates at 5 degree increments but I think the default is 45 which is a decent amount, correct me if I’m wrong.


Are you talking about the fact that your mouse is moving around (it appears to me to be moving to PAST the 90 degree position) but the rotation seems very slow and by very small increments?

That definitely looks different than I’ve ever seen in Studio.
You’re not holding shift at that time are you?

What happened is i acctually had constrains on, which made it move EXTREMELY slow as i was moying it in other parts.