Rotate GUI to have it be center of the screen

What I would like to do is create a gui that is on top of the player’s head no matter if the players head is on the center of the screen, right, or left side. The gui should be a triangle like point to the player’s head like a speech bubble. What im thinking is controlling one point of a triangle and then have the two other points at a fixed position to be able to make the effect a speech bubble like gui. But the problem is, how can you even make a triangle shaped GUI? And also control the point that it needs to be?

Have you heard of billboard gui?

yes but I dont see how that can create something like

If you could explain it I would be very grateful

Make a image, upload it to roblox, and make a imagelabel under the billboard gui


Thanks for answering! Sorry for my late reply but once I finish replicating what you said Ill mark your answer as the solution

Sorry to interrupt again but the main thing im not too sure about is having the bilboard gui rotate so that the 2 points of the triangle are at the middle of the gui. Is there some solution to this?

I know that you can rotate the image label but how can you determine if the rotation meets the center of the screen? And also have the image label still point to the head of the player

My current solution that I think is possible is to determine if a specific area has the triangle gui and if not keep rotating until it does. But im not sure if thats something I should be doing. Whats the best way?