Rotate Model With Respect to Surface

As a Roblox developer, I want to rotate this model with respect to the floor it is currently sitting on.

I don’t want to rotate it around any of the seemingly arbitrary axes the default model rotation tool offers.

I think there are a bunch of standard idioms for rotation that we should copy from tools like Blender, Max, etc.


You may be using Local space. Try pressing cntrl + L or to switch to World space.


You might also want to set the PrimaryPart of that model to be a part that’s levelled in relation to the whole model. Then, once you try to move/rotate it in Local Space (Ctrl + L), it will move/rotate based on that PrimaryPart.

(I think there’s also a Studio setting that lets you drag whole models as if they were single parts. Once you enable it, you can drag the model onto a surface, the model will align to it, and then if you move/rotate that model in Local Space, it will do so in respect to the surface it aligned to)