Rotate Prop relatively to certain Vector3 point

So what I’m trying to achieve is basically making loaded prop rotate relatively to center of player’s plot which we’ll call offset center.
I tried for over 3 hours now, and nothing - whenever I was getting closer to the results I’ve wanted to achieve, I was failing again due to some imperfections of the methods I was using.
I tried many methods I’ve read about here, yet all of them were related to my problem just remotely.
Here’s pic of what I want to achieve.

Top is how plot should look like, freshly after loading all the assets in and bottom is what I am trying to achieve.

i dont get lua

Made it.
If someone will want to know,
I’ve used Model:PivotTo() to rotate Model which was made of the cloned offset center part and the prop itself.
Offset center part has to be PrimaryPart of the Model, so that the Model will be rotated relatively to it.