Rotating a brick keeping the original y axis with bodygyro

I have to move the Y axis of a rolled brick with the original Y axis (so not rolled) using bodygyro

I tried to make it but it doesn’t work

I already asked, a person replied and the reply wasn’t useful, and I was rude
(I know how bodygyro works and please do not link me to DevHub)

I already rolled the brick with a bodygyro but I wanna rotate the brick like the green rotation tool too:

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This can be done fairly simply by using world axis rotations rather than local axis.

Simply CFrame.Angles(x, y, z) * gyro.CFrame should work. This doesn’t set the rotation, it rotates it by x, y, z in radians and in world space.

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Yes I know, I already used this for the roll, but if I wanna it goes right and left it goes following the changed direction

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Maybe if you explained more about what you’re actually trying to do, you’ll receive better help.
Why do you need to do this?

It’s secret, but I can show you a vid.
Why do you need to know what is it going to used for?

This sounds like an XY problem.
Details about what precisely you’re doing are not required of course, but you can probably explain generally:

Eg. I’m building a vehicle that hovers, I’m making an NPC, I’m making a pet, I’m making an obstacle for an obstacle course, etc.

I’m making a ship kit, I’m rolling a lil the engine with a bodygyro. I have the bodygyro to also turn left and right (so Y axis) But keeping the starting perpendicular Y axis and not the modified, changed by the roll.