Rotating a rig part in the animation editor rotates everything else but the part

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So basically I’m trying to animate my own viewmodel rig, but whenever i try rotating the arm or gun it rotates the rest of the rig instead of rotating the arm/gun.

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Tried swapping Part1 and Part0, using different weld plugins, moving joint positions, all to no avail.

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I used the Moon Animator Plugin and I used its easy weld feature.


I have the same or at least a similar problem, and it’s high priority for me.
At the moment I can’t help you much other than say “you are not alone” :sweat_smile:
I’ll let you know when I get further :+1:
(Btw, I tried different things with welds, motor6Ds, model strucutre etc and I used the the standard anmation editor - also without success)


Sorry for the somewhat delayed reply, my topic was created a while ago and I never bothered to update the thread when i finally found the solution haha.

Anyways, what I did to fix the issue was enable the “Massless” property in the meshparts I tried animating. Thats it.

Tell me if this method works for you. If it doesn’t, you can try this workaround I came up with:

  • Create a regular part and scale it up a lot.
  • Create a SpecialMesh and have it parented to the part.
  • Paste the MeshID in the MeshID property of the specialmesh. Your part should now be representative of said MeshID.
  • Scale down the part so it’s not abnormally huge

Oh nice :smiley: Thanks!
I just managed to make it work. I don’t really know how, since I am certain I already tried every possible option.

But your solution for the MeshPart might become very useful, since I initially worked with MeshParts and switched to Parts when I had trouble.
Thanks again :smiley:

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