Rotating Body Parts CFrame Error

So I’m trying to make your right arm rotate but I got an error:

I have tried searching on Youtube or Google but I don’t find anything, and so I’m writing this because I know here there is a lot of people that can help me a lot :wink:

I don’t know what’s wrong with the code so If you can help me and give me a hand, I’ll be very VERY grateful to you! :smile:

  • I’m in a LocalScript
    Here’s the code:

And I also tried this:

The error says whatever you are trying to index failed, maybe your syntax isn’t right.
A better approach to this might be using animations, you can read about them here:

If you scroll down you can see the code example, you can copy paste it and play the animation on the mouse button 1 down event.

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The animation for this would be really simple and you can create it yourself