Rotating camera without holding the right mouse button while in studio mode

I am trying to rotate the camera without the pain of holding the right mouse button, because I use a trackpad and holding the bottom right of the trackpad is painful and holding it makes the experience very unpleasant. I tried using Enum.MouseBehavior and set it to LockCenter with the RunService and all it did is lock the mouse to the center, which is how I wanted it to be, but it didn’t rotate the camera and I still had to hold the right mouse button.

I searched for this question and there was no results, not DevForum, not Google, not even Scrpting Helpers.


In the Hammer editor from Valve, if you press Z in the 3D view, your mouse locks to the center and you can rotate the camera without pressing a mouse button, something like CS:GO or TF2.

First of all, This isn’t a scripting question.

Secondly - I don’t think there’s a way to do this, My first though was arrow keys but those just move you around, So i’m thinking you either need to get a mouse, Or continue using trackpad.

(p.s. pressing > or < does rotate you but it isn’t that good, might help a bit though.)
EDIT: numpad 9 and numpad 3 makes your camera go up and down

What topic would you prefer this if this is not a scripting question? And I pressed both < and > and it doesn’t do anything to the camera.

Edit: I forgot, I use a laptop without a numpad.

Odd, It works for me…

Studio features or studio bugs maybe?
I’m not sure either but it for sure isn’t scripting support.

Well, I still can’t change the topic to studio features or bugs because I don’t have the power to do that. I actually didn’t think about making it a feature, I just wanted to know how to script it so I can make it a plugin or something.

I see, It’d probably be possible but i’m unsure if you can manipulate the studio camera with plugins.

You can. There are some plugins that can manipulate the camera for example a plugin that makes your camera movement feel like butter.

I see, Then it’ll def be possible as you can just make the camera face the mouse everytime it moves.

If you don’t know how to do this, Message me and i’ll help you get the basics down.

Thanks for the help, but I can work this plugin by myself. I understand some aspects of plugins that would help me create one. Thanks again!

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You probably had your num lock off, meaning it would use their alternate function instead. Anyways, it’s the PageUp and PageDown function (not button) that rotates your camera vertically.