Rotating CFrame didnt get as expected

Hello there, im making a cop game which i want a chopper blade to start moving, so I coded some thing like this:

while wait(1) do

script.Parent.VehicleSeat.MainBlades.C1 *= CFrame.fromEulerAnglesXYZ(0,5,0)


turns out the result is a chopper body rotates itself but not the blades
I sure that the weld Im doing is wrong so Im going to send a properties of a plane
Classic Baseplate - Roblox Studio - Gyazo

If anyone can help me, please let me know!

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That’s because it’s welded to the body!

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When a C1 or C0 the part updates the part that is not the root part will move.

Try setting the root priority number to 127 for the helicopter body.

If the weld is rotated you will need a special formula to move the Part1

Root part behavior

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Well I tried making a new motor6d in a blades instead, turns out it didnt even work

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oh wait sry to tell, the blades is welded to a vehicle seat

alr im trying to do it thank you :smiley:

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AYYY IT WORKIN, thanks! Btw, could you give me a info about “priority 127”?

It forces the helicopter body to be the root part, 127 is the highest number it can be set for some reason.

Info is from the weld documentation:

Root part
Every Assembly has a root part, see BasePart:GetRootPart. When a Weld’s C0/C1 is modified the root part will stay where it was.