Rotating Objects

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    Put Spin On An Bowling Ball(not just using orientation or any of that)
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    I dont know how to do it
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    I tried to find a topic simmaler to it but it was all just orientation or somtin else i dont want
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I dont currently have a script (im looking for how to do it like some fancy operation i dont know about)


Orientation is the simplest way to do it. I don’t know why you want something else. If the bowling ball is affected by physics (unanchored), you can use AngularVelocity, but it will roll away. So be careful. Make sure that:

  1. The ball is unanchored
  2. The ball has an Attachment called Attachment
local ball = script.Parent -- assuming the script is inside of the bowling ball
local attachment = ball:WaitForChild("Attachment")

local ANGULAR_VELOCITY =, 0, 10) -- replace with X Y Z values

function placeVelocity()
	local velocity ="AngularVelocity")
	velocity.AngularVelocity = ANGULAR_VELOCITY
	velocity.MaxTorque = 10000
	velocity.Attachment0 = attachment
	velocity.Parent = ball
	velocity.Enabled = true

function removeVelocity()
	if not ball:FindFirstChildWhichIsA("AngularVelocity") then return end

-- whenever in your code

-- if you need to disable the spin call removeVelocity()

I found what i needed and its annular velocity thanks though btw what i needed is the player to through a bowling ball and that ball to have a spin factor(like in bowling)

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You should have marked my answer as the solution, not your comment :slight_smile:

I found the answer myself though

You just told me somthing i alr new :smiley:

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