Rotating Platform

I’ve been struggling with finding out how to make a rotating platform that also carries the player as it spins. I’ve tried multiple methods of rotating objects like using CFrames, hinge motors, tweenservice, etc, so I’ve now come to the conclusion that something else is needed along with a rotation method so that the part rotates and the player rotates along with it. How could I achieve this? Everything I’ve tried so far rotates the platform under the player, but the player just stays in place.



Thanks, I saw this before and tried it with a hinge but it didn’t work for some reason. It’s working fine now.

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You’re welcome, happy to help.

If you want a rotating platform

Use Orientation Read Topic Here


for i = 0, 10, 1 do
script.Parent.Orientation = i

Somthing like that…

This does make the platform rotate, but the player just stands in place on top of it.

There was an update that made players stand on moving platforms recently. That’s why that tutorial didn’t work before. This update only applies to platforms moving by physics (not setting CFrame values). Good luck with what your making!