Rotating the shoulder Motor6D is leading to unexpected complications

On my path to creating a script that adjusts the rotation of the character based on the movement of the camera, I am suffering complications. I have managed to smoothly rotate the head and torso, close to acquiring the joy of certain victory, only to find it . . delayed.


The shoulder does not shift alongside the upper torso or head, leading to an unexpected complication. I wallow in agony and pain as I search for a solution, but can find none . .

Seeking help . . I look to you, the only one that can enable me to reach my ambition.

Here’s what I learned. The shoulder appears to have some connection to the elbow joint, making it so it can’t rotate properly. I want a way to manipulate both simultaneously while keeping the same connection, similarly to how it’s done during animation.

It may look like this isn’t a problem if you do it while the character doesn’t have an animation active, however, if you do it while it does, like when the game’s playing, that’s when the issue reveals itself.

Here’s an example of what I want to accomplish below:


This is what happens when I adjust the Motor6D while an animation is active:

Example 2

Does anyone have any experience with this? . . Can anyone help me? . . Please.