Rotation dosn't work with ClipsDescendants

Today I was trying to Rotate frame with ClipsDescendant but it didn’t work. Idk if this a bug but can someone help me?

Are you able to provide an example and show your properties/explorer. Since you’ll need to have a main parent with ClipsDescendant and then the the child inside of it and then try that out. If you didn’t. ALSO if this doesn’t work then I’m pretty sure this is a bug.

I already did that, im really thinking it bug

This has been a bug for years. ClipDescendant does not work with any rotated objects.

Roblox should fix this then why haven’t they fix it.

If this has been a bug for years then why haven’t they fix it now.

They just aren’t going to, my guess is it’s very performance heavy for something most people don’t use. A simple search will show that this has been a requested functionality for awhile now: