Rotransit - Community Rules


Section zero (X) - Defenitions

All of Rotransit Users / Players = End User
Rotransit Game = Place
Rotransit Discord Server = Server

Section one (A)

All of the members of our community must complain with the Terms Of Service of the following services

  • Roblox
  • Discord
  • Rotransit

Section two (B) - Punishments

The community members which dont comply with this document will get a punishment, depending on the severity of the infraction

  • Low severity - Warning (Three warnings - 7 day ban)
  • Medium severity - 1 day ban
  • High severity - Permanent ban

Section three (C) - Rotransit T.O.S

  • The end user cannot use any external software in order to get an advantage or harm the experience of other end users. Examples: Synapse X, Protosmasher (Exploits); Razer Synapse, AutoHotKey (Macros).

  • The end user cannot interfere with the expreriece of other end users. Examples: Disturbing a moving train by getting on the tracks; Interfering with the work of staff

  • The end user cannot insult other end users or Rotransit staff.

  • Rotransit staff are always right unless the oposite is said by a higher staff member

  • Any politic discussions are prohibited on the Place or Server.

  • The end user cannot obtain a staff rank through a friend connection or any other method than the offical application.

  • Any type of discrimination is prohibited on the Place and Server.

  • Any loopholes in the rules stated above will be punished.

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