Roughin' It || Upcoming Sandbox Survival Game (Feedback Needed)

Hello everyone, I have finished adding all the planned features to my survival game. It is a game where you can build, craft, upgrade gear, explore biomes, etc. I need some feedback on what to work on to make better, although I am a bad modeler so there’s not much that I can do about the 3d models.

Another thing that I’d also like feedback on is the monetization system. Thanks!

Game link: [Beta] Roughin’ It: Wilderness Survival - Roblox

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Also forgot to mention, the reason why I reposted was because I found a game breaking bug. It’s fixed now, though.


Hey, this is a really cool well made game. By any chance were you inspired by RoCamping

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No, I’ve never heard of it. I was inspired by an obsolete io game called

ah I see. I can see the resemblance now.

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Is it just me or is the upgrade gear broken

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Could you elaborate, please? How was it broken? Could you not upgrade the armor at all? Please give some more context.

The image is not gonna show

Oh, I thought you meant in-game. The same thing is happening to me, I don’t know why, but it’s not very important.

So when I played it, and I got to the tutorial, everything seemed… Quite fast and a little bunched together. Don’t get me wrong, the game looked great, and the tutorial over all was great, but here’s some things you could possibly change:

  • Reducing amount of screen clutter (guis for instance if possible)
  • Elongating the tutorial to give players a chance to better understand how the game mechanics and functions work

Ways to elongate the tutorial could be to add more to it which in turn would mean adding more to your game, but, in the grand scheme of things - if the player can’t or doesn’t know how to do something because the tutorial was a little rushed then they wont play again.

Sorry if this seemed a bit like a rant :sweat_smile:

Here’s some things I really liked about the game:

  • Building was great
  • Everything else about the game is truly amazing.

Thank you for the feedback! However, I don’t agree with the idea that I should try to make the tutorial longer. Now that you told me though, the tutorial might have been quite fast for people.

Was there anything in the tutorial that you didn’t quite understand, or took some time to figure out? I don’t really understand the viewpoint that having a longer tutorial is a good thing.