RoUI2 - Requiring testers

RoUI2 - In Need of Testers

I’m currently nearing an alpha version of a plugin called RoUI2. It’s a sucessor to a module I developed and posted as a community resource a few days ago. Before reading the rest of the post it’s important you be aware there is no payment for this.

What’s the project?

It’s a plugin that allows you to animate UI to easily create UI effects. I’ve been working hard on this and included some images below to show the plugin’s capabilities.



Animator Timeline

Animator Properties


What do I need to do?

Join the community discord. You’ll receive the Tester role and I’ll further explain everything. You test whenever you want and however much you want. All I need from you is feedback on when you test (did you find a bug? is something hard to use? are you having difficulties with any features?). Testing will open in a few days feel free to join the discord if you’re interested in helping me further this project.


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