Rounded or Sharp Corners in UI Design?

Earlier, I was fiddling with the basics of UI for a while and got me thinking, what would fit best: rounded or sharp corners?

I have done prior research on using these two, where I learned that rounded corners help with focusing on the content along with helping with the eyes; however, I am still clueless on what are the use cases of implementing sharp corners in UI and when to use them, heck, even rounded corners.

Here’s a quick picture for comparison and reference

not great but will do for now…

So now I'm wondering...

What do you use for your game: round or sharp corners? What are the use cases for the two?
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Depends on the style of your project.
You can surely do way more than just round UI’s.
With some photoshop skill, attaching ImageLabel / Buttons looks fancy if you’ve got a great taste. :blush:


I personally prefer sharp edges.

But, it really just depends of your game concept. Cartoony games have round edges, while more advanced cames, such as sci fi games have more sharp edges. There is also minimalist designs that I really like:

This theme of UI uses both round and sharp edges.


Material Design, the most complete wiki for UI Design.
There are resources, tutorials and guidelines. Have fun!


I guess the simplest way to start is, look at how this forum addresses UI. It’s all square and boxy, flat UI that looks modern (I guess, depending on your theme). Windows also has a similar UI design.

Rounded UI just depends - if you have a cartoony or some other “for fun” theme, rounded GUIs tend to match the laid-back theme. It feels more natural to not have sharp edges everywhere, especially when a lot of games are not all boxes and such.

But for something more serious, precise, etc… it feels natural to have something a little sharper and sleek. It honestly depends on the look of your game, as many have already said.

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Well, it depends. If you are going for a more cartoon-y or a more modern look, I would suggest using round edges, but if you are going for a more RPG style look, I would use sharp corners.

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Depends into the design, and the game genre.

If it is games like FPS, probably sharp corner will do much better.

Even it’s rounded corners, don’t overuse it, if you set the corner radius way too high, can cause a few issue with the UI

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