RoVille - Introduction and Update Logs

Brief Info:
RoVille is an open-world multiplayer game where players can work one of many jobs, build their dream home and socialize with other players!

As of December 25th 2020, we are now accepting fan art that has the potential to be showcased in-game and even used as a thumbnail! If you have any fan art for RoVille that you would like to share, just @ me on Twitter ( and show your fan art!

:video_game: UPDATE LOG:

Latest Update:

Map Update February 14th 2021🗺

RoVille Update:

  • Brand new map! New locations, scenery and neighborhoods to explore!
  • New “Cherrywood Diner” restaurant!
  • New waiter job!
  • GUI rehaul!
  • Loads of new furniture! Check #roville-new-furniture
  • Larger plot size gamepass!
  • New movie theater!
  • Increased max players!
  • Minimap!
  • Performance improvements!
  • New pier with ferris wheel!
  • Taxi driver income raised!
  • Major Bug fixes

Past Updates:

Christmas Update 16th December 🎄 2020

RoVille Christmas Update! :christmas_tree: :

  • Winter-themed RoVille map!
  • Winter-Themed loading screen!
  • New background soundtracks!
  • New Marketplace rehaul! Many houses added to the front page! Sort houses by latest, highest price, best selling etc! New and improved user-interface!
  • [BETA] Marketplace Advertisements! Only available for Nitro Boosters at the moment.
  • Buy a christmas present from the spawn area to open on the 25th of December! You can buy it for your friends too!
  • Christmas countdown at spawn area! Live event will take place on christmas day!
  • Inventory System! Equip and use items from your inventory!
  • Time and day now displayed on top!
  • Shift+H to hide the GUI!
  • Nitro boosters can beta test new updates!
  • Remade walking sound effects!
  • New furniture! check #roville-new-furniture
  • Bug fixes
Update 16th October 🎃 2020
  • New Halloween Furniture!
  • Trick or treat with other players!
  • Finish trick or treat quest for a badge and an in-game cash reward!
  • New paint textures!
  • New fall-themed environment!
  • Empty plot areas now have trees and rocks
  • Bug fixes
Update 23rd September 2020
  • Added police clerk job!
  • Functional Video Projectors!
  • New furniture! Check
  • Even More Floors Gamepass! 20 Floors!
  • Click other players to give food!
  • Max save data size increased by around 10x!
  • Bug fixes
Update 9th August 2020
  • Change your nickname!
  • Click your character to perform actions!
  • Flat roof option with adjustable height!
  • Click on other people to whitelist or donate!
  • Fixed bugs!
Update 11th July 2020
  • Ability to recolor doors and windows!
  • Power box to toggle all your home lights!
  • Color Changeable smoke machine!
  • Usable pool float!
  • New furniture!
  • Xbox Semi-Compatibility! Build mode not available on Xbox just yet
  • Bug Fixes
Update 27th June 2020
  • Added an introduction/tutorial for new players!
  • Working gym equipment!
  • Characters keep showering until they jump out
  • One-side slanted roof option!
  • Revamped mood system! Check your current mood from your character preview!
  • Added new furniture!
  • Buying cash for robux is now 2x cheaper!
  • Bigger business gamepass! Place more than 12 business items in your plot!
  • An enlarged preview of items when hovering over them in the build mode item lists!
  • Mute background music option
  • Minor Bug Fixes
Update 20th June 2020
  • More in-depth cooking mechanics! Prepare your food before cooking!
  • Grocery Store! Can also order food on your computer!
  • Food now requires groceries instead of costing money
  • Daily rewards! Join everyday for higher rewards!
  • Pay Bills! You will now receive bills at your mailbox. If they are overdue, your power will be cut off!
  • Ability to sprint when energy is above 20%!
  • Image importing gui now has an image search feature!
  • Characters walk differently when tired
  • Added smoke when drifting with car
  • RoVille Days are now longer (24 Hours in RoVille is now extended to 35 minutes in real time)
  • Minor Bug Fixes
Update 13th June 2020
  • Build mode on mobile devices! :tada:
  • New Nightclub location! Play your favorite tunes!
  • Glass material for floors! (Found in the paint menu) Can be colored!
  • Door sensors! (Can be used for garage doors too)
  • Lasers are now deadly to un-whitelisted players!
  • New Glass Railing!
  • New Doors and Windows!
  • Door opening sound effects and character animation!
  • New furniture! Check #roville-new-furniture
  • Minor bug fixes
Update 6th June 2020
  • New Ice Cream shop! (Includes new job!)
  • Security Camera System! - View the cameras from a computer in your home!
  • Much faster house loading times (¬5x faster)
  • New furniture - check #roville-new-furniture
  • Revolving door added to build mode!
  • Added roof tile texture!
  • Bug fixes
Update 30th May 2020
  • Pets! :dog2: (Many pets to choose from! Take good care of them!)
  • New pet shop!
  • Servers can now have up to 16 players!
  • Change Base Material! Grass, Sand, Water, Air (Be able to make pools or basements!)
  • Newspaper now displays the richest players globally and the top worker of the server!
  • Sliding doors!
  • Working computers! (Ability to chat with people in all servers!)
  • New loading screen!
  • Taxi driver job pays DOUBLE now!
  • Loads of new furniture! Check #roville-new-furniture
  • Healthy Pet Gamepass! (Your pet’s needs will deplete 5x slower!)
  • Platinum members can donate every 20 minutes instead of every 24 hours!
  • You can now play the piano!
  • Atmosphere visual improvement!
  • New “wood parquet” floor texture in build mode!
  • Significantly reduced RAM usage! (Game runs under 1GB of RAM most of the time)
  • Small bug fixes
  • New Houses featured!

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