Rovive Arena - Hotfix #2 (February 21st 2021)

Game link: Rovive - [Arena testing] - Roblox

Changes are as follows:

New Content

  • Added static hitboxes to players to make hit detection more reliable.
  • Added 3 second spawn protection that gets auto disabled if a player shoots during the protection time.
    • image
  • Glass windows can now be broken with projectiles.


  • Removed realism effects on sniper scopes to make them work better with the fast paced game mode.
  • Head hitbox size increased.
    • (increased by 50%)
  • Reduced Ray Gun camera shake recoil when being shot at.
    • (reduced by 50%)
  • Small adjustments to map balance for “Cargo”.


  • Fixed camera bobbing on the winner screen at the end of rounds.
  • Fixed a bug where aim cone spread was affecting snipers.
  • Fixed an issue where aim cone spread was being incorrectly applied to weapons that have 100% accuracy.
  • Fixed a bug where you could boost other players with explosive projectiles rather than just yourself.
  • Fixed an issue where Ray Gun could be aimed.
  • Fixed a bug where aiming down sight with 0 ammo in your clip would cancel reloading.
  • Fixed a visual issue in the AK47 reload.


  • Disabled look direction replication for now while its net code is optimised.