Royal Australian Army - Conduct Guidelines


The Royal Australian Army has strict conduct guidelines to ensure to most out of our community. All players must follow these guidelines. Failure to abide by them could result in multiple punishments ranging from group punishments to kicks and bans. Happy playing!

Expected Conduct

[1] Our game rules are expected to be followed at all times, regardless of your status. These rules are displayed in the community Discord server. You must be thirteen (13) to join the Discord server due to the Terms of Service and laws.

[2] Be respectful of all players, regardless of social status, background, or identity. You should always keep in mind that this is just a game.

[3] Present yourself in a manner that is respectful to all members. This can include proper clothing. Some examples of improper clothing could be:

  • Bypassed clothing.
  • Giant hats and accessories that obstruct players.
  • Excessive body hair or body hair that is worn explicitly for ‘trolling’ purposes.
  • Discriminatory clothing such as racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other offensive shirts, pants, and t-shirts.
  • Clothing that makes you appear unclothed. Such as “invisible clothing” that appears to show off too much skin.

You will usually be given around two (2) minutes to change out of your inappropriate clothing. After that time has been exhausted, you will be removed from the game until you can do so.

[4] Do not swear or bypass Roblox’s chat filter. The filter, while flawed, was created for a reason. Exceptions may apply when the word tagged is legitimate and not a swear word. Some fair words could include colors, non-offensive descriptions, common words (like well, etc.).

[5] Advertising of any sort will not be allowed. This can include groups, Discord servers, scam links, etc. You are permitted to wear merchandise, but it should not contain any links or instructions on joining specific communities.

[6] Reports against others should be fair. Lying and fabricating fake evidence use maliciously against our members is not allowed.

[7] Speak English at all times. The majority of our moderators speak English fluently, and to understand what our players are saying, you are expected to talk in the moderated language.

[8] Please do not spam in any of our related games. Whether it is done to be funny or as a way to attack our players, it is expected that you do not post messages repeatedly or to make big walls of text.

[9] Do not circumvent bans or the other various punishments. If there is enough substantial evidence proving that you are an alternative account of a banned or blacklisted player, you will be permanently banned from all establishments.

[10] You are expected to use common sense at all of our games. If you believe the way you are acting will or is disturbing, disrupting, or pushing other players, you should stop or not start in the first place.

[11] Finally, all members are expected to abide by the ROBLOX Community Guidelines. This game is to remain appropriate at all times for any age. However, the recommended age for playing our respective games is 13+.

Enlisted Expectations

Act in a respectful and welcoming manner. If someone is having trouble, help them. Keep all past drama out of the workspace and keep the community clear of all toxicity. Do not hint for promotions; it is frowned upon, and you will not be considered for further advancement. Grammar, though not strict on it, should be used - it does not need to be perfect.

If you have any questions, high-command, officers, and the leadership teams are available to help. They are expected to be kind and courteous. If you happen to encounter someone violating the rules, report it to a moderator immediately.

vhaddie, Chief of the Army (Head of Moderation)