Royal Guard Handbook

Royal Guard Handbook:

  • Recruit
  • Royal Guard
  • Royal Enforcer
  • Instructor
  • Officer
  • Executive
  • Commander
  • Chief
On duty rules.
  1. Act Mature at all times.

  2. Make sure your skinton is realistic. You can wear anything in the blue box.

  3. Follow all orders from Officer+.

  4. Do not leave base unless you are guarding a VIP.

  5. You can only guard the base and VIP’s.

  6. Do not abuse your tools.
    Ie: Killing goverment or random civs. If someone is requesting a goverment member to get away from them, ask them and if they don’t detain and bring them away. You may never kill them.


Tryout: A tryout is a event to see if you are able to make in into Royal Guards.
Partol: A partol is a event that can be hosted by a RG Instructor+ and makes it so you can partol the base as a group and you can get promoted from it if you do good.


These guides are for EVENTS!! You may not use them if your not hosting.


Hello everyone! Welcome to my Royal Guard patrol. I am your host (rank),(user).


Follow the Royal Guard Handbook rules.

Follow all orders from your Host’s.

(you may add some of your own rules but they must not be crazy)

(go partol, after your done de-breif everyone and wedge and take a pic then dismisse.).

You can go along and do what ever you want with your tryout! Just do the following things, obbys, PVP, TDM.

Freesyile your