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Welcome to the Royal Invictus Archives, here you can find all the relevant information
you need to progress in the group.

Lore: Royal Invictus - “Royal Invictus is a ruthless military that has abandoned free will to serve the Crown.
Using their military strength and ever expanding power, their ranks grow with each conflict and their goals of domination come closer to realization.”

Group Link:

Law Codex:


The communications Discord server is linked on the Royal Invictus group page under “Affiliates”.

Communications Rules:

  • Do not advertise third-party websites that go against the ToS of either Roblox or Discord (This includes posting links to them).
  • Keep your composure in the discord (do not start arguments).
  • Posting any kind NSFW content outside of the appropriate channel will have you removed.
  • No backtalking of any kind.

Victory Chant


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