[RP] Area 16 Rules

Introduction [!]

The purpose of this post is to enlist the following regulations and procedures you should follow once joined the game.

Malcompliance and violation of the rules will lead to a standardized punishment listed accordingly.

We hope you enjoy the game, whilst following our regulations.

Section [1]

Glitching | Exploiting: This is a heavy offense in any part of the [RP] Area. It’ll result in a kick for glitching leading to a ban. Exploiting is an automatic ban. [Appeals are allowed].

Toxicity | Harassment: Both are not tolerated in any circumstances, they both could lead to verbal kicks, leading to a heavy offense that leans into a ban. [Appeals are allowed depending on the severity].

Slander | Accusations: Both can lead you into trouble, lying is not a good trait to have. It could lead to a verbal warning, to a kick.

Section [2]

Team-Killing | Improper Team Usage: Both are considered heavy violations, if you are reported of such action. It’ll be looked through carefully, and depending on the length - severity of each crime. It’ll be a ban. [Appeals are allowed].

Lying of purchases: If you inform a Moderator that you bought something, it’ll be checked through group purchases. If you are correctly informing us, it’ll be situated and fixed. If you are lying, you will be verbally warned leading to a server-ban.

Bypassing Filter: Such is not tolerated in anyway, if it’s considered an inappropriate word. You will be warned and or server banned. If it’s deemed offensive and racial, you will be permanently banned. [Appeals are allowed].

Information [3]

Punishments are recorded for each person, if you believe you were punished for the wrong reason. Inform a moderator with proof to defend your claim.

[Verbal Warnings]: Depending on the amount, it could lead to a ban.

[Bans]: Depending on each ban reason, it could lead to a permanent ban without an appeal.

Guests: Three appeals allowed.

Class-D: Two Appeals allowed.

Personnel: Two Appeals allowed.

Executives: One Appeal allowed.

[BAN APPEAL POST]: Click here


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