RPG Simulator Developer Notes

Upcoming Future and Plans

Normally I do a video on this but I decided not too since this is just something short.
Game Name Change
Rune Crafting Revamp
Pet Gems Additions
Daily Rewards Revamp

Changing the name of the game
Ever since the start of development for RPG Simulator I never intended it to become the great game it had become. It was supposed to be a average everyday Roblox Simulator but it ended up being a much more full fledged RPG just because of my love for them. Unfortunately I have a disability on giving games names. A few months ago we had a poll for everyone to make a name for the game.
“Rune Chronicles”, “RPG Legends”. These two names were fine but I did not like them in my opinion. There is no base storyline and it is too far into development to add a main quest storyline into the game with it making sense. Majority of games with “Legends” in their name are just simulators. So I do not want to call it that. I have decided that I might name the game “Rune Adventures”
“Why name it Rune Quest? The game does not enforce runes until later down the road?” (Next point)


Rune Crafting Revamp
Rune crafting is pretty simple, you get 100 rune crystals and some gold and you craft a random rune. Not much of the casual players actually know how to get rune crystals. I have decided on having a whole new system to Rune Crafting while still keeping the ability to craft runes pretty easy.

Tier 1 Crafting

  • 100 Rune Crystals
  • Drops very weak/basic runes: Vitality, Life, Protector, etc

Tier 2 Crafting

  • 500 Rune Crystals
  • Drops decent runes: Hurricane, Ice Queen, Lunar, etc

Tier 3 Crafting

  • 1000 Rune Crystals
  • Drops great runes: Silence, Azure, Flame God, etc.

Now you may be thinking, “Why it is going to be harder to get better runes now because of how many bags I have to obtain just to get a chance at the higher tier runes I want”. Yes, that is why I decided to do this:

Tier 1 Rune Bag (Untradeable)

  • 3 to 10 Rune Crystals
  • Rare Drop from lower Raids
  • Rare Drop from lower zones
  • Obtained through Daily Quests

Tier 2 Rune Bag (Current)

  • 20 to 50 Rune Crystals
  • Decent Drop from mid game Raids
  • Decent Drop from mid game zones
  • Obtained through Daily Quests

Tier 3 Rune Bag

  • 75 to 100 Rune Crystals
  • Decent Drop from Higher Raids
  • Rare Drop from Higher Zones
  • Common WB Drop
  • Obtained through Daily Quests

Getting Rune Crystals should be more accessible and this will also take care of the influx people have with Rune Crystals.
Pet Gems
Pet Gems are still getting more additions for different stats but not now, I will also be redoing how the Mines work still making it a bit easy for every level, that is pretty much it.

Daily Rewards
When I first made Daily Rewards it was just a last minute addition to an update with no thought or plan going into it. I decided to scrap my idea of Zone Quests because their is just so many zones and having to think up of something for every zone will be the end of me.

I decided to make it so that every player gets a random set of daily quests every (certain time, example: 5 PM EST). You have the choice to complete those 5 quests or wait til the next reset.
The quests will be random and be catered to your level. Early level players will probably just get gold, and tier 1 rune bags. Mid level players will get keys, scrolls, and tier 2 bags. near max level players will get tier 3 rune bags, tokens, gold, scrolls, keys, and possibly a chance at getting a super rare quest that will give you a very good item.