RPG Simulator Update 11.5 Patch Notes

UPDATE 11.5 Patchnotes

This updates Main Focus was on Quality of Life changes.


  • Shift Lock for Controller & Mobile Users
  • You can kick people from your party.
  • You can choose to spectate by clicking their name on the Party List (When dead)
  • Cinematic Mode (Hides UI) say “/cinematic” to activate it


  • 2 New Vanities for the Vanity Shop
  • Golden Weapons for doing 1000 Runs for each Raid


  • Acceleration Dash Cooldown Reduced to 5 Seconds (Hurricane)
  • Acceleration Dash Range Increased (Hurricane)
  • Moon Slice Cooldown reduced to 6 seconds (Lunar)
  • Cyclone Cooldown increased to 7 Seconds (Lunar)
  • Cyclone Throws cutters forward if standing still (Lunar)
  • Cyclone Throws cutters each direction if moving (Lunar)
  • Sword Splitter Cooldown reduced to 7 seconds (Blade)
  • Ground Break Cooldown increases to 20 seconds (Shatter)
  • Ground Break damage increased heavily
  • Visual Changes to some Runes & Skills
  • Auras & FoG Rune are now affected by Potato Mode & Lower Device settings


  • Double party lists
  • Data sometimes not saving in time? (pls…)
  • Being able to trade equipped items
  • Vampire King should blind you when he is dead


2 Hidden Bosses will come out later today/tomorrow
Check out the Developer Update 12 Video on ZephsyJ’s youtube channel for more info