RPG Simulator Update 13 Patch Notes

UPDATE 13 Patchnotes

This update has brought to you a new Rune with a few new skills and changes and the new World Boss System.
Summer Event ended.


  • Rune of the Ice Queen (Changes Mending Sword & Shatter) (5% Craft Rate)
  • World Boss System. Comes every :00 , :15 , :30 , :45 minute
  • New Chicken Leg & Pencil vanitiy.
  • Lock System for Pets
  • Fuse all button for Fusion (Doesn’t fuse equipped/vanity/locked pets)

(Temporarily there is one World Boss. more will come while update gets pushed out, the boss will be dropping Scrolls, Keys & a rare chance at a vanity.)

New Skills

Ground Stomp LV 70 (Changed with Shatter Rune)

  • Stomp the ground dealing damage to your enemies

Piercing Strike LV 600 (Changed with Striking Rune)

  • Pierce through your enemies

Flurry LV 750

  • Swing your sword insanely fast cutting up to 10 times.

Menacing Shout LV 400

  • Release your aura pulling lesser enemies towards you.

Sword Storm LV 500 (Affected by Blazing Azure Phoenix Rune)

  • Summon many swords to come crash down on your enemies

Blessing LV 50 (Affected by Life Rune)

  • Heal yourself for 25% of your total HP


  • Ground break affected by Rune of the Battler Damage scaling increased and only scales when the Boss is under 25% HP
  • Ground Break visuals
  • Damage scaling for world bosses now ignore buffs (Calamity, Enraged, Pet Gems)


  • Ability to get unreleased Raids as a Daily Quest
  • Daily Raid Rewards did not work on Hardcore

Future Notes

  • Since there is some issues going on with the Roblox Cross Server connection in game messages do not work. We unfortunately cannot add Clan Shouts / Clan Chats this update.
  • The next Raid will be a very challenging raid, make sure you got a decent team ready. The loot will be crazy.
  • A new type of item will appear sooner or later that will be very rare which will give players passive skills. When PvP comes out the Dash Passive will be automatically on