RPG World Hub UI Feedback

So - I started a new UI Design for an RPG game. I mocked up a title and started work on a “World Hub Page” I plan to keep this page updated with the full project as I progress :slight_smile:

World hub page

• Added background texture for depth and detail
• Changed “Last Visited” to a small description of each world
• Few minor changes from colour & placement of items


It would be little easier to give feedback if I had a little more context of the game but I can still give some feedback/
Sub Headings
I don’t think a last visited option isn’t necessary and it could be a little more immersive if you put a subtitle there instead.
Completion Percentage
I love the idea of putting a completion percentage in there, Its great for the completionists. But it would be nice to have under the % Complete to put a button that gives you a tracker of specific things left to complete like the amount of collectibles left and the list of quests the location has so its not to confusing what is needed to complete the area.
Other than that I think its a good and effective map selection. But I think a left to right list is effective but kind of generic. A more interesting approach is to make an actual map layout and have markers for each of the locations and you could use the assets you already have for the map by making them appear when an area is selected. But I understand that could be hard to do so it would be nice to go the extra mile but its completely fine if you go with the current method. But if you do go with the current method or the suggested one I’d like to see where this game goes and it looks like it has some potential to become a good game.


thats dope tbh also add a background but overall that super dope

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He could also use camera with blur and bobbing and move toward mouse and wwith in game object

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There is no real context to a game - I am a UI Designer just making a portfolio.

A subtitle could be an idea - however I was playing around with other options and will update as and when - This screen isn’t entirely done (Was planning on adding currency in top corner and other elements)

The Completeion percentage was one of the ideas I personally loved- I was also working on the next steps and either creating a % screen on the world UI - or a popup you could click on the world screen.

The map idea is a solid idea and it was put into consideration upon making a left to right - I may if I get time look into it some more as it is an interesting take on a standard UI.

All the building work again are done by @vvoIfy which is incredibly useful when mocking up map designs - We work on projects together which screenshots and concept art is always welcome.

I appreciate the feedback and take everything mentioned on board when going forward with this specific world hub.

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The background would most likely be a texture if I was going for something like that - perhaps a gritty style.

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I was actually debating making the maps more of a cinematic whilst hovering over them (If that’s what you meant) However I do not script - I only design. :slight_smile:

Really impressive. Very well detailed, correctly positioned and looks very nice.

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Thanks man I appreciate it - I still have some more to add but positioning has always been my strong point :slight_smile: