R/place now on Roblox!

Tired of earlier r/place attempts?
We now welcome you to Canvas,
be a part of Canvas History and
leave behind some of your art.

The rules are simple.
You can only place 1 pixel every minute,
and the canvas never resets.

(At 10,000 Favorites)

  • Canvas for Consoles & Phones
  • Global Chat with emotes.
  • Canvas Expansion.
  • New Cursor.
  • Performance Changes.

Code - @GrenadeNade
Code - @DarkModule
Design - @spertonix (Halisch)

Quality of life improvements are coming every week,
but please use this post for feedback and suggestions.
We will be reading them every day.

The Canvas Team.


Wouldn’t this get you banned? At some point? Because people can draw or write inappropriate things.


he could overwrite them with white pixels


Wow I never thought of that (sarcasm). He would get reported for it eventually. How long will he overwrite it? Hm? a day? a week? He will eventually get caught.


Wow I cant believe roblox support responds and reviews the game in under a day :man_facepalming: :face_with_monocle: :open_mouth:


Well they do. Thats what happened to my game. Me and a friend of mine were just playing when someone came and reported it and in a matter of minutes roblox removed the game.


Games like Free Draw 2 and Spray Paint have a LOT of inappropriate stuff drawn, and aren’t deleted.

Their solution to the problem is to simply ban the user and wipe their data, which OP can do easily if they know what they’re doing.


This is completely ignoring free draw, spray paint, speed draw, draw it, copyrighted artists, etc.

This is not the first time something like this has been done in Roblox, and people are going to abuse it. But as long as the appropriate moderation systems are in place, Roblox allows it.


Why is the game private? It sounds very enticing and I would 100% play it. I loved r/place, and placed thousands of pixels before closing, and Ill love this too


After increasing the canvas size we ran into some DataStore limitations, currently optimizing the code, soon up again, sorry!

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It also seems very slow when loading in. Cant you do it in 3D instead of 2D, so you can walk on pixels, and use Streaming so it won’t lag? It takes over 30 secs to load the map


It is still 3D, just a top view camera.

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Then you should use greedy meshing to make the pixels more performant, its so slow even on a I5 10400 and GTX 970 it barely loads


Had a quick look at it, looks like a lot new to code on. I feel like 20 seconds loading screen is alright since it’s only once when you join, but I am working on optimizing it! Keep in mind that each 500,000 parts colors has to be stores, along with attributes saying when they where placed, by who etc.


Its not only when I log in. Its constantly running at 5FPS.


Uh, it’s running super smoothly on my device, and everyone who tried it. I’m not sure what that could’ve been, since the only code that could lag you down that much is only the loading of the canvas, there is no other active code nor behavior in the engine that would bring you down there. The game has fewer vertices than some of your major front-page games.

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It could be clientside rendering times. If you are using standard Parts, then all of the sides of every part are being drawn, which is fine for modern GPUs since they can cull, but mobile phones, or older GPUs – like those in Macs – don’t have the capability of doing so, resulting in a dramatic slowdown.

To fix this, try switching to a MeshPart where the mesh is only a two-triangle surface. That should cut down your render time.

You can also use greedy meshing on the clientside, to merge and resize two blocks with the same exact color to lower rendering time further.


ur making that a bigger issue then it is, it would be classified as user generated content and not classified under the game, just because some people got banned for it doesnt mean others will.

theres been hundreds of place knockoffs, and perhaps thousands of these “group drawing” experiences, i highly doubt this one will suddenly cause an influx in bans about them.

as for the actual post, i think once your playerbase gets big enough (or if it gets big enough), add a claim system, so you can protect your builds for a short amount of time (eg. 24 hours), maybe make it paid so you can get some money from this project. you dont want to introduce something like this in your starting stages, but eventually that could be a really easy and very safe way to earn some robux from this. As for the idea itself, its good! I would test it out but maintenance so… ill come back later once its done lol :sweat_smile:


If you happen to be running it on studio for the test, but it’s laggy on regular servers or team test, then it’s lag happening on the server. The “server” side in studio is still hosted on your own computer, so that’d explain why it’d be smooth assuming that you are testing on studio.


Yep, exactly what I said.

He should use DynamicMeshes (https://create.roblox.com/docs/reference/engine/classes/DynamicMesh) for this.