RRF Security Handbook

RRF Security Handbook

All Security

Never abuse weapons at any time.
Always listen to your HRs.
Do not ever disrespect your HRs.
No Glitching.
No Hacking.
No Exploiting.
No threats.
No Raiding Trainings.
No Swearing.
No rudeness to anybody.
No abusing Admin Commands.
No Random Killing (RK)
No Team Killing (TK)
No Random Death Match (RDM)
Always remember to log rank changes.


20 - Trained Security
40 - Officer
50 - Advanced Security
80 - Advanced Officer
120 - Tier 1
200 - Tier 2
400 - Tier 3
600 - Eligible For Tier 4

Non-Commends Promotions

Tier 3 → Tier 4 = (After required points) - Get voted in by the Trainer.
Tier 4 → Tier 5 = Get voted in by the Security Supervisor.
Tier 5 → Assistant Trainer = Get voted in by the Security Manager.
Assistant Trainer → Trainer = Get chosen by the Commander.
Trainer → Security Supervisor = Get chosen by the Head of Security.
Security Manager+ is chosen by the Co-Founder+.

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