RSSR || IRF Rank Explaination

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Foreigners | Cadets | Citizens - This is basic rank for IRF, Mainly for Papers. This gives people access to join the Cadet or Citizen Team

Gulag - Russian Prison, Treason, Enemy of State.

Unemployed - Unemployed are people who are Citizens looking for a job, find a job through the Ministry of Labour, they can get you on working for a Ministry of a Business.

Working Class - Someone who has a job and is a Upper Class Citizen in IRF.

^IRF Citizenry^

  • This is a spacer, IRF is a republic of the RSSR, Being a Citizen in IRF, makes you a citizen in the RSSR. RSSR is generally referred as the motherland.

Enlisted Military - People who are in the RSSR Military.

Officer In Training - Officer that are in training to become officers, they get this rank because they are given moderation powers at Training places and such to “Test” to see if they would abuse it.

Officer - A Military officer

^Red Army^

  • Spacer given to Army of RSSR, the Army includes not only IRF Members but of all of RSSR’s Republics.

-Intelligence Operative - Members of the NKVD and or KGB

-Central Committeestrong text - People in the CC are appointed by Presidium to vote on legislation, 1 of the two chambers of the “Supreme Soviet Council”

-Politburo - 10 People in the Politburo are appointed by Premier to vote on Legislation 1 of the two chambers of the “Supreme Soviet Council”

-Council of Peoples Commissars - Includes Military Commissars which is Lt. General, General, Marshal, and Political Commissars that are in Commissars, Deputy Commissars in their Ministry. Together they make the Council of Peoples Commissars for the RSSR.

-Presidium - Highest Executive body after the Premier, Presidium includes many titles, which are currently Deputy Premier, Supreme Marshal, National Commissar, Governor Commissars (Leaders of republics under the RSSR), Honorary Consultants to the Premier, and Hero of the Soviet Union (Titles of retired high profile comrades)

-Presidium Deputy Premier - Is the 2nd hand of the Premier, and has the same authority as the premier when he is not around.

-Presidium National Commissar - Commissar ahead of both NKVD, and KGB

-Presidium Governor Commissar - Leaders of republic under the RSSR, The groups themselves might have different titles for their leaders, but under RSSR they are Governor Commissars.

-Presidium Honorary Consultants - Consultants that are appointed by the premier for different task.

-Presidium Hero of the Soviet Union - Retired Officials that were apart of the Presidium.

-Presidium Supreme Marshal - Supreme Marshal has it own rank but is apart of the Presidium, he is 3rd in command of the group, and runs the military.

-Developer - Developer for Republic of IRF

-Secretary of Development - Scripter of the IRF

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