RSync - Third party IDE support for Studio in one click

Hi peoples! I made a quick little application/plugin for Studio that allows you to use any editor (your system default .lua editor to be precise) with a single click.

I know this has been done before, but I hope to bring a bit more simplicity and ease-of-use with RSync, as you just double-click the executable and it handles the rest for you, no configuration or dependencies required.

When you start the executable, it will automatically install the packaged version of the Studio plugin. Just check HttpEnabled to true and you’re all set! It’s that easy. Remember that when you start the app, it will just run in the system tray so don’t freak out if you don’t see any UI pop up- there isn’t any.


And here’s a video of me being awkward showing how to use it.

GitHub Repository | Quick Download


Hello fellow AHK user :swag:

I’ve been hearing people talk about using external editors for a while now, but I’ve never thought they’d be worth it due to how often I’d have to copy/paste between Studio and the 3rd party editor. With switching between the two being so easy now though, I’m more inclined to try it out. What are the main benefits of using Sublime or any other 3rd party editor over Studio’s default editor?

Using an external editor has a ton of benefits, like letting you use special hotkeys (like ctrl+d in sublime), multiple cursors (!!!), editor plugins (sublime has so many!), snippets, better autocompletion, quick file switching (ctrl+p ftw) and there are probably way more.

Basically, you get just so much more convenience and control when you use a proper editor instead of the integrated one. ^^

I’ve never really seen a Lua editor that offers better completion. How would an external program be aware of all the properties that the studio editor is aware of?

The only reason I would consider an external editor is the ability to use some sort of VIM plugin.

I use other editors mostly to keep studio’s UI from burning holes in my retinas, and because Sublime renders text nicer than Studio.

I mean, there’s also key bindings, package control, multiple text selection, line sorting, trailing whitespace management, file diffs, and other stuff that I wouldn’t reasonably expect from Studio. We can only make so many feature requests without breaking the Studio team.

Mad props for making this.

Very cool!

Do you plan on adding support for organizing scripts into a pseudo roblox hierarchy with folders?

It already does that :wink: Though, they are saved on a temporary folder. I do plan to make a setting so that it will automatically write all scripts to disk in a permanent folder sometime in the future.

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Btw I just added all the features that were on my ideas list (Mixins, Git mode, and MoonScript Support) so check it out c:

Does that mean we can open scripts and have them automatically converted to MoonScript, and when we save them they’re automatically compiled back into Lua for ROBLOX?

(Apologies for the large bump)

Is the plugin needed for this still available in the Library or was it put off sale? Currently, I cannot find it in the Plugins inside of the Library so it’s leading me to think that it was taken down.

It was never posted in the library. The .exe file installs (and I think updates it) already.

Thanks for letting me know!

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Wait this still functional and works?

Yep, it still works. V2 has been in development for a long time adding more features but this original version still works (as long as you only have one Studio open using it at a time)

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