RTS Game - (Where to Start)


Hello! I am Ranger and I am a 17 year old inspired developer that is just getting into Scripting on Roblox. I’ve been on Roblox ever since 2011 and recently have been wanting to get into the Development portion of Roblox. I’ve been watching tutorials on how to script. I know the basics after watching countless tutorials from a various amount of Youtubers, such as TheDevKing, AlvinBlox, and Peaspod. I can easily read a script in Roblox Lua and can tell what it does. The biggest problem is making those scripts off the top of my head.

The Issue

Like I stated above in the Introduction, I am just stumped on how to progress. I’ve been told that just practice can go a long way. I have practiced scripting and honestly I was getting somewhere with it. I was honestly proud of my achievements, but then school started back up and I just lost interest again. I am wondering how to I begin to progress further and advance with AI for a RTS game. In the next section, I will explain what I am looking for in a Real Time Strategy game.

What I’m Looking For

I’ve recently been enjoying every single RTS game I have played. There is a variation of games that I play that fall in this category, ranging from Eclipsis to The Conquerors 3. Now, what I am looking for is to make an advanced version of The Conquerors 3, but put my own twist and turns into it. I’m not looking to copy the game at all, just make a game with a similar play style. Where I want to start is with a troop system that a player is able to purchase and that will also attack other troops, unless the troops are allies with another team. These troops will have a movement system that will follow where you click with your mouse if the troop is selected. After that, I am looking to make buildings that have different functions and make an Ally system.


If anybody has any tips on where I can even start with this project, I would love to hear it. I plan on making several post on the forums of the progress that I make with my friend on the game. Hope you all are staying safe and enjoying your time on Roblox! Thanks in advance!


I would first get a layout of how the game needs to be. For this I personally use trello, and as a scripter you should be taking lead on where to start. I usually start scripting the core stuff that doesn’t require any models or ui to be made. How much experience have you gotten in coding? If you haven’t made any other scripts/concepts before it is going to be fairly difficult to work on a large game.

So I have little to no experience on making scripts myself. So where would I start to progress this experience? Obviously, this is a goal in the end, but for now I am fine making smaller projects just to boost my experience!

-The most important thing to becoming a really good developer is honestly just constant commitment which means you gotta be motivated(this is a requisite). The problem with any skill you trying to get is that you eventually forget the stuff that you learn, so you constantly need to review/use it.
-As for your game that you are trying to accomplish you just gotta accomplish it one step at a time(Do a little here and there and you will eventually make it). I’m pretty sure there is no developer here that can just conjure up a really good big game in like a week or two. It takes time, and commitment.