RTS Unit Movement Alternatives

Hello, I recently started working on a RTS game, this game is similar to other already-existing games like “Medieval RTS” or “Normal Real Time Strategy Game”.

I started making the movement system, at the beginning it manage to work quite well for me, but many days after that I noticed that humanoids makes the game lag way too much.

So here I am, I’ve been looking for alternatives for 3 days now and I couldn’t find anything really useful.

What solutions did I tried?

I tried moving my units with LinearVelocity and AlignOrientation, and it worked, but I had some issues while using it.

The problem sounds simple and it could be simple to fix, but I couldn’t find any single way to stop my units from falling or rotating weirdly on random directions.


(If you’re curious about why the units are green, well, that’s because I took the zombie model to make the example lol)

What am I looking for?

I would like to know how to fix the problem shown above, and if it is possible, Im also looking for easier or more efficient ways to move these units, I mean, the movemen system I already got works quite well, I can spawn more than 100 units in the map without losing a single frame (I didn’t made an actual optimization test btw)

Anyways, I would like to know if you have any solutions / recommendations for this, I also want to make this topic useful for others who are trying to achieve something similar to me.

*Note: The problem only happens sometimes, the units actually face and move to the correct position, the problem starts when it falls from certain distances or while doing some rotations.