RTX 3090 - Blender

It’s been 3 months since I actually started focusing on improving on Blender. I’ve made a couple of stuff, and my most recent is an RTX 3090 (might look a bit different). My goal is to make a full PC in Blender with all (or most) of the parts. How did I do?


It looks really good! I wonder how many things you had to make to come to this stage!


At first, it started with some really weird models like hats. I then kept on watching more tutorials. Overall, I’d say I’ve made around 20+ models, some of which were discarded soon after.


First donuts

First Sword

Newer Sword

And others


That’s really inspirational, I really like the last sword, and I’m also learning Blender currently. I already know things, but sometimes I get stuck in modeling. I’m following a 7-day tutorial. I wish you good luck on your Blender journey! Hope you make more cool stuff!


I wish you luck on your Blender journey as well!


This model looks very nice. You should consider making a VR PC building game with this.

the “newer sword” is awesome! :star:

Yes, I agree! It really has that “divine-esque” style to it!

It looks super cool! It’s very close if not the same as the real one! Good job!