Rubber Duck Debugger Plugin


The Rubber Duck Debugger plugin is a simple yet effective tool designed to assist programmers in identifying and resolving issues in their code. This tool is based on the concept of Rubber Duck Debugging, a popular method for debugging code.

The principle behind Rubber Duck Debugging is to explain your code, line by line, to a rubber duck. The act of explaining the code often leads to the discovery of errors or inefficiencies. This plugin digitalizes this concept, providing a virtual “rubber duck” within your integrated development environment (IDE).


The Rubber Duck Debugger plugin’s primary function is to allow the user to “explain” their code to the rubber duck by inputting text into the chat box. As the user enters text, it simulates a conversation with the rubber duck, providing the illusion of explaining the code to another entity. Please note, this rubber duck is a good listener but won’t offer responses or suggestions; the goal is to encourage users to talk through their code and, in the process, uncover any hidden bugs or opportunities for optimization.

This plugin is ideal for programmers of all levels, from beginners needing a sounding board to experienced developers looking to maintain their code’s clarity and efficiency. It’s easy to use, non-intrusive, and can be integrated seamlessly into your coding workflow.

Whether you’re working on a complex project or just learning the ropes, the Rubber Duck Debugger plugin is a fun and useful tool to improve your debugging process.



I don’t understand the use of a plugin here… talk to yourself, use a whiteboard or a diagram (lucid chart), or even just write it on a Google Docs?

Either way, comments should be used so you don’t have to use this…

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