Ruby Airlines | Airport Staff Handbook

Airport Staff Handbook


As Airport Staff here at Ruby Airlines, you are going to be managing a bustling airport. The people inside of it are going to be stressed, sleep-deprived, and grumpy. Your job is to help them by working in one of the several different positions given to you at the airport. What does an Airport Staff do? They work at the airport and work in different roles such as Gate Agent, Security, Lounge Attendant, and other positions.


While being apart of the Airport Staff team you are required and expected to follow our rules, treat visitors, alliances, passengers, and other staff equally. Although, premium passengers are to be treated with priority you should still treat our standard passengers the same.

From here on will be the fundamentals of being an Airport Staff at Ruby Airlines

Introduction to Jobs

At the airport you will have a certain job assigned to you. You will have to be certified to work in that job by having a role in our discord saying whether you are verified in that role or not, its like a license. If you don’t have that license you will not be able to work in that certain job. Most of our AS members will be trained in all certifications. Here is a rundown on the jobs you may have.

  • Greeter - Self-explanatory, they greet passengers and staff entering the airport with a nice greeting.

  • Security - Handles all passengers who enter the airport except for RubyPremium. They usually just check your profile for account age, items, inventory, etc. They decide if you enter or not.

  • Check-in Agent - Handles all passengers as well. Check-In Agents use our system to give passengers tickets so they may board the plane. They always are happy, and caffeinated.

  • Lounge Manager - Handles the lounge for premium customers, they must be trained and know how to use customer service skills.

  • Lounge Assistant - The same thing except they go to the tables and serve dishes to passengers while the manager handles the juice bar.

  • Gate Agent - The Gate Agent handles all questions from passengers and handles the boarding screen, they must be trained on how to use it. They are also in charge of the Jetway. They usually make the boarding announcements as well.

  • Airport Manager - This role is given to our experienced staff who know how to handle all roles. They are supervisors looking to catch mistakes made by newer staff. They are your boss, you must obey what they say and take their criticism.


Greeters stand outside of the airport and say nice greetings like the one below, always include “Merhaba!” in your greeting, after all we are a Turkish airline. Adding an /e wave to your greeting also adds a nice touch.


Security officers have a difficult job, they must stop crime and keep the airport safe. They are equipped with a Segway, Handcuffs, and a Taser. If these tools are abused then they are removed from your inventory permanently.

Here is how you greet incoming passengers and handle ones who fail or clear security.

The only reason you kick somebody would be for the following.

  • Not older than 30 days.
  • Bad reputation for leaking aircraft or technology.
  • In contact with a blacklisted passenger.
  • Has previous records.
  • Not in the group.
  • Has multiple warnings in discord.
  • Has NSFW attire on.
  • Breaks any passenger guidelines.

The only reason you should cuff someone would be the following.

  • Has bypassed security.
  • Not following orders.
  • Has broken rules.
  • Told to do so by an Airport Manger+.
    If the Airport Manager+ is abusing report it to us via discord.

The only reason you should tase somebody is for the following.

  • On the runway.
  • On the wing or engine of the plane.
  • Making suicide attempts.
  • Roleplaying inappropriately or dangerously.
  • Told to do so by Flight Host+.

Segways may be used at any time, but you may not spin with them or have a passenger cuffed while doing so.

Check-In Agent

The Check-In Agent is responsible for giving guests their ticket. They will use either a manual system, or just say give it to them via commands. Here is how you will do it.

There will be a guide on using manual check-in GUI soon.

Lounge Manager

When we operate at an airport with a lounge you will need to serve our premium passengers In the lounge with priority service.

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