[Rude or Nice?] Are people too harsh on the dev forum?

Is the dev forum too harsh?
Is the dev forum too harsh on people? Personally I think that they are because I have seen away too many people post a topic on hiring people and they just get really HARSH feedback that they didn’t even ask for. Personally in my own post, I have gotten dozens of people saying that I was unprofessional and they gave a lot of non-friendly feedback. I thought that the dev forum was a helpful and friendly community but when I look at the post-it just makes the dev forum look like a harsh environment for incoming games and for people who want friendly feedback. Is it just me?
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Maybe create a poll because sometimes people like to just click onto them instead of replying. I think this should be under #discussion

To be honest there are some cases where there are times when people have attacked one newer player. But most of the time the community is positive and helpful.

This occasion is rare, most of the time people might take things the wrong way, but if you tell them you were offended, they probably will apologize and re-word what they said.


I wanted to see peoples actual thoughts and not just numbers.

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I also agree with @Bloxrrey, Personally I only try to be sort of harsh when people ask you to be harsh and try your best at fixing it for example.


Usually this shouldn’t happen. I’d only think that when you discuss controversial topics, then people get a little toxic when defending their side.

Only way to deal with them is asking them nicely to not be rude in the way that they were. Maybe it wasn’t intentional and letting them know that you were hurt can allow them to improve their word choice. If that doesn’t work and the same person us doing that repeatedly, then report them to DET I believe.


In my opinion I don’t think people are harsh in the DevForum. Although, there are points where you can feel as if you’re being “yelled” at or made fun of, but that’s not always really the reason to it.

Such as, when a user makes a “Feedback” post, they often seek for feedback from the other community members to help him/her out with the work the person provided. Yes, some people will be harsh at you, but they will be like that to be strict or making the work better for you. People are often trying to make you better, not being rude at you.

Lastly, If I am wrong in someways or if people actually DO harsh acts to other users in devforum, that should be reported or in any harmful cause.

I hope this helps! Goodluck! :+1:


Normally if you stop the arguing and make a valid response saying it was slightly offensive to you everything should work out.

When your in the DevForum, you have to be aware that you are going to get people coming to your post for feedback, people do that. It may seem that they are being annoying and unreasonable, but they are just trying to help.

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I don’t think people are too harsh, normally just trying to help others improve their work. Most criticism on the platform is constructive and helpful to help people improve and grow in their field. Rarely are people just rude and unhelpful, that’s just my opinion though.


We are all just too used to nice comments. The Developer Forum is a semi-professional environment so if something is not right you will get feedback on it. Nobody is saying you don’t deserve oxygen anymore they are just saying your post could be better. Get used to the real world because it isn’t only about rainbows and sunshine.


I fully know what the world can be and I know that the world is a scary place but I know that if you act kindly to others then they act kindly to you. The dev forum is too harsh to people that make even the tiniest mistakes.

You mean being harsh or politely correcting mistakes? There is a huge difference.

I don’t think that people are harsh. They may think otherwise since surprise no one can really take critique at all these days. I personally did have a few people attack me for days and even go as far as to harass me because I gave them a piece of my mind or just simple advice on stuff.

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People usually really like to push their opinion and it can sometimes end up acting like its an insult or a comment saying that your wrong and that you should change your ways of thinking.

It’s not an insult, we are allowed to disagree with something.

People can be incorrect and it is fine to correct them. If someone is just being completely toxic then yeah just flag the post

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Here is an example, lets say I made a post on recruiting people. My post was messy and had some mistakes.

And lets pretend these are some replies.

Could be neater, I can see many errors.

Just wanted to point out that you weren’t being very grammatical and you didn’t really follow the guide, hope you fix it!

Can you fix your post? Your not going to get people with being like that?

Obviously you see the wrong here. Sometime people can phrase things in a bad way. Don’t take it personally, but don’t ignore/argue with them. Maybe like their reply. They are helping you look more qualified and giving you tips.

If I could have 5 people just spitting out ideas or what I could fix in my code any time of the day when I need it, It would help me be much more productive. If you think about this is the DevForum. I could make a post at 3am and get replies.

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Uhmm, I don’t think the dev forum is that harsh to be honest and the reason why you think that people are harsh is either because you aren’t trying your best to fix your problem whether its a scripting problem or a building problem and also being serious is way better than being polite because real world problems are dealt with seriousness and it also shows that you are determined to solve the problem.

But, if you think that people are too harsh on the developer forum then it is time to switch up that attitude because there will be many people who will critize your work to make you improve your work so its important to not make it get to you.


I am not referring to my past experience. I am referring to other people who are new to the dev forum and when they get slashed down by “constructive criticism” they often loose self confidence in not only their post or their game, but in the person that they are.

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Sometimes people can be rude to me.

Like when I say something very politely and someone says something rude. Or this one time when I told someone that his reply was spam and off-topic and then he started being rude to me (not gonna day any names)


This normally makes it so that you are referring to a past experience

I’m a very new forum member, but from what i’ve seen on here, I wouldn’t necessarily describe the people here as harsh, with the exception of a couple of topics i’ve read where the OP asks a very basic question that could be solved with a google search, but even then, there are people who offer help to find a solution. Even if there is a small amount of toxicity on the forums, it pales in comparison with the amicable support generally received throughout the forum.

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