Rules: Football Heroes

Metaverse: Football Heroes

Metaverse: Football Heroes

This game is a new game that strives towards teaching and inspiring people to learn and play football, It was produced by 3 developers whose motivation are over the top and ready to do anything to make this game spread and inspire!

Bugs & Reports

Bugs would be told threw messages on the owners profile and player reports you must message to the owner on what happened and the players username.


When playing the game there is rules you must follow to keep the game appropriate for all ages.

Rules consist of:

  • No bypassing sexual or inappropriate words.
  • No racial, sexist, or homophobic slangs.
  • No inappropriate character actions.
  • Refrain from posting links or scams in chat.
  • Please help every new player in any way!
  • No exploiting.
  • Bullying is heavily restricted.


have a good time!

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