Rules have limited discoverability, and appear incomplete

As a Roblox developer it is too hard to find high-quality posts!


Rules themselves don’t have good visibility in the first place. If they cannot be easily accessed, users won’t be able to review what is allowed or not. You must explicitly go to to find them, or in the report prompt when reporting a post. A help page with better visibility is the markdown guide, which you can find while composing a job post, which Roblox could use as an example.

The talent hub rules are also incomplete. “Talent” is not clearly defined. The majority of posts I see are users looking for investors. 25% of the current image are looking for investors!

Then there are job posts just recruiting community members…

I’m not sure if I should report this post. It’s not explicitly disallowed, and isn’t up to standards at best. If Roblox addressed this issue, moderation could instantly reject the post for being off-topic. As a developer I am not interested in viewing these types of posts. I am interested in viewing more serious offers, but with the current leniency these will be harder to find


Thanks for this feedback uep – these are helpful points that we’ll consider as we continue to improve the Talent Hub.