Run 2 functions from a module at once?

I have 2 functions in a module for my round system. One of them checks if the round has ended (have all the players died, etc), and the other makes a timer for the round.

You may ask, can’t you just put the checking system in the timer? Well not really. It decreases the time every second, and I want the timer to instantly stop when a condition is met.

So here’s what I need help with:

  1. Running 2 functions from a module at once
  2. Being able to stop any one of them when a condition is met instantly


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you cant run them ‘at once’, but you can use a coroutine to run them very close to ‘at once’ incase one of them is yielding.


Alright, but do you know how to instantly stop one of them when a condition is met?

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If you have a loop of code running continuously then you can use a while loop where the condition is a variable you toggle.

local Module = {}

function Module.Start(...)
    module.Toggle = true

        while module.Toggle do
            --// action

function Module.Stop()
    module.Toggle = false

return Module
local Module = require(...)


You should put this in a coroutine so you can still call the stop function.

Meant to write one–thanks for catching that.

My problem is that in the while loop I’d have a wait(1) and wouldn’t that cause some delay? If this can’t work out it’s fine.

A coroutine in lua can be thought of as a thread. It provides what looks like multi-threading in a single-threaded language. I just think of each coroutine I create as a separate thread that code can run on without affecting any other thread(s).



this would output:

The world is not printed second because the wait(1) and print"hello' are inside their own thread and inside that thread there is a 1 second wait before hello would be printed.

coroutine.wrap returns a function–that is why I am calling the result from it. You could also assign a variable to the returned function and call that.

local thread = coroutine.wrap(func)

thread(...) -- ... are args that will be passed to func. 
-- func will also be ran as if it was synchronous
-- this means that if func errors or has any sort of yielding, the code below
-- still runs

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