Running a script in roblox studio via api

Is it possible to run the code inside Roblox studio (the way plugins work) and save the model generated by the script to a file through an external program? For example, a request would be sent through the API to a computer, which would generate the model in Roblox studio and return it as a file on disk.

I don’t think this is possible due to the risk this would open up for hackers, they would not only be able to exploit your game with backdoors, but they would also be able to directly download malware to your computer

That can’t be possible, roblox doesn’t allow that I guess. [I’m 100% sure.]

MSI has done it before and continues to do so, I am unsure how they manage, but if I am right they are sending code from their servers.
I might be wrong here, but I do know use some technique to secure their tech’s code.