Running an ad through new Creator Dashboard

Hey Robloxians!

I’m running into an issue trying to run an ad. Since a few days, opening the old Develop page will redirect me to the new Creator Dashboard. In my opinion the new Creator Dashboard is amazing, but it needs to be a bit more worked on. In this case, the problem is that the new Creator Dashboard doesn’t have support for ads. It only allows you to sponsor. I was able to upload an ad through a direct link I found in my browser history, but running an ad is done on the Develop page in the ‘User Ads’ category. Opening that page redirects me to the new Creator Dashboard, hence I’m completely unable to run my ad. Is there any hack for this? I don’t really have time to wait for them to update this. All I need is the ability to run my ad. It’s already uploaded, it’s approved. I just need to bid. Any help would be appreciated!

Kind regards, iamajust


My dashboard still shows the Ad page under Create > My creations > User Ads, with the grey box on the RH side of the page. When I click the grey box it pops up with Run Ad or Remove Ad. When I click Run Ad the bid window opens up.
Maybe log out and back in to see if it’s a temporary glitch for you.

You are talking about the old develop page, which I sadly don’t have access to anymore. Clicking the ‘Create’ button sends me to the new Creator Dashboard.

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I am having the same issue. This has been driving me insane for the last day while trying to find a link that will work.

This new creator dashboard garbage is horrible, it barely has any of the features the old create tab has, and if it does, you have to jump through hoops to reach it + it literally does not have the advertisement page, So really, they just forced an incomplete feature on us. The only thing this thing does is give us more developer stats

Like what did they just FORGET to put in the advertisement or What??


If multiple people have this issue you and @Cheese127 should get together and post a bug report.
If you don’t have access to that forum then you can message @Bug-Support.

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