Running animation is T-pose for other players

I’ve ran into an issue with my running animation.
So basically the running animation plays out normally on my own character, but I see other players T-posing when they are running. Every other animation in the game like jump animation, fall animation doesn’t have this problem.
I tried saving the animation and exporting it over and over again and I also tried saving the animation in studio, but none of those fixed the problem. I also didn’t find any topic related to this on the devforum.
The script I use is a local script made by Roblox which was made to make custom animations. I can send the script in the replies if it’s needed.
I honestly don’t know what causes the issue, so any help would be appreciated.
Here’s a video of the problem:

Update: I found a fix for the issue. I had the run animation ID pasted into both walk and run animations, and once I put walk to 0 and kept the run animation, it fixed the problem for some reason.

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