Running Animation Keeps Glitching

I’m trying to create a simple run animation for my game, however everytime when I run the animation in game, the arms keep glitching (see in the video provided). I believe this is because my animation keyframes are not on the timeline stamps. If this is so, then how can I make my animation run without glitching in the keyframes in the position their currently in?

Have you set the animation priority to Action?

Nope, I set it to movement but i’ll try that right now

Just tried it, it didn’t work. The same thing happened as in the video

And you built the anim for the rig you are using?

The rig is just there so I have something to work with, I built the animation for the players in game

No i mean you built an r15 anim and your avatar is r15?

Oh, no, the rig and my avatar is both r6

Oh ok thats fine… i havent seen the tail end of an anim catch like that…have you tried to load the keyframes into a new fresh anim?

Yes, I’ve tried it twice actually. I think the time line is set to count by milliseconds? I’m not sure how to make it so that it’s set to seconds. I can show you what happens if I try to line all the keyframes on the timestamp though

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Found this posted elsewhere:

You can click the gear button on the top right of the editor, then select Time Unit → Seconds. This will change the timeline to be in Seconds rather than Seconds:Frames.

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That’s very helpful. Also I just realized that my timeline had automaticly expanded by itself so I believe the problem should be fixed now. I think I might have had a bug a while ago which is why it didn’t load the timeline correctly maybe?

Edit: never mind, I was completely wrong and for some reason it’s still glitching after I match all the keyframes up with the corresponding timeline. That’s really weird

Identical issue? The problem still is the glitch at the tail end?

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Yes, same issue. I’m going to try to add more keyframes to the tail end or maybe just duplicate the last few frames? Maybe that’s why

I found the problem. It was actually a problem in my animation because it was a looped animation and I didn’t start and end it with the same keyframes (Quite annoying having to do that honestly). That’s why it was glitching. Thanks for sparking a hint that the tail end was the problem!

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