Running Animation

I was just kind of making a running animation for my combat game, and I am not really too good of an animator, so yeah. I’ll take criticism with open arms.


I don’t really animate things but before you animate you should learn about the principles of animation. This video should help 12 Principles of Animation (Official Full Series) - YouTube

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Oh, I haven’t seen this video before. Thank you.

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At this point after watching the video for a little I tried to make an effort to put Alan’s methods to work and I’d say it’s a decent but not insane improvement from the previous run.

Might need to go for a bit longer, but the issue is the stop

Let the animation on loop so we can better see it without it freezing.

In Moon Animator, open the animation, then go to, Edit > Animation Settings > Loop.

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Think I might’ve made it faster accidentally. No, I didn’t it just looks like that looped.

Hey, avid running and walking animation enjoyer and creator here. I’ve made a post on a topic asking for critique on animations, particularly walking animations. Although they’re vastly different-looking animations (and, frankly, I was critiquing a walking animation), a lot of what that poster did is similar to what you’ve done. I’ll quote what I said:

Something to think about while making a walking animation is how a human’s legs look when they’re walking; how when you take a step, your feet go out in front of you quite a bit, return to the center, and kick out behind you. When it comes to bringing that leg back in, bend the knee outwards before the foot goes out. Applying that to both legs usually result in a solid walking animation. Think about the same thing when making a running animation too.
I know applying that principal to an R6 character is a little difficult. The best way to simulate an R6 knee is to use the top edge of a leg that is in front of the player.

You seem to have prioritized aggression over realism, which is fair since it’s for a combat-oriented game. However, it’s very important that you make the legs move properly before figuring out how the arms should move. Once you got that managed, know that arm movement should be offset from leg movement. An arm swinging back should not do so as a leg kicks back; the arm should swing forwards as the leg moves back and vice versa.
It’s also very important that your keyframes are spaced out properly and equally. Space out your keyframes where each stepping movement occurs for better results. Also, I personally recommend slowing it down; it is too fast, even for a running animation, at least in my opinion.
Lastly, the absolute best way to make an animation loop well is to copy the very first keyframe and paste it at the very end. Be sure the ending keyframe has no space after it, otherwise there’ll be a strange pause before the animation loops over again.

Aaaand that’s all from me. Good luck with your future animating endeavors!

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can you make the thing looped so i can see better? and it isn’t really running, morel liek a fast walk. running has airtime in it. because in running, in the middle of the animation the character is kinda in the air, and there should also be a kind of quad animation on the thing too n stuff

after the stop keep the arms and legs kinda cycling or rotating

I decided to remake it using @JakeTheNewb 's advice, so this is currently the product at the moment. Also I don’t really utilize easing styles as I never saw that much effect once I used them.

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now it just seems like fast walk with a slight bump in the middle

Aw man. Should the animation have a more exaggerated leg up animation, once the leg is out?

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i think, and i also think you should look for references

My reference was Fog Hill of the Five Elements for one specific seem where they are seen to be clashing. At the moment it’s a bit hard to replicate it but the movements are very intensified with the fights. So, I’ll re watch the scene a few more times and try again.

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It feels good to get the base movement down, this is the current version that I got. If anything, I’d probably have to utilize easing styles and make it a bit faster but generally I love the way it’s beginning to turn out.

Alright, got the arm movements down, but the loop makes me feel like i’m so far off to a good version of the product.

You should make the last set of keyframes the EXACT same as the first one so it’s a clean loop
Also don’t make the guy lean forward like that.
You can’t make it loop if they start to lean forward during the animation.

Take a look at this walking animation I made the other day:

I made the animation a perfect loop by making the ending keyframes the same as the first.
Also notice how the player doesn’t lean forwards during the animation, this makes it more natural and he doesn’t look like he is disabled