Running into a small meshpart launches/teleports the character away in the direction of the touched face

When resizing a MeshPart with CollisionFidelity set to anything but Box via the properties widget or command bar in Studio, or via a script setting the Size property, if you set the size property to exactly(?) (0.1, 0.1, 0.1), if the character touches this part, the character will appear to teleport (launch?) a large distance away in what looks like the direction of the normal of the mesh face you touched.

If you use the scale handles (i.e. holding shift to scale the part down to the 0.1 magic number), this effect will not happen (apparently 0.100000128 is not close enough to 0.1 to cause this to happen).

The meshparts in my repro are just simple Blender primitives.

The cube appears to launch the player in the direction of the face the player touches. The cone launches the player on diagonals which appears to correspond with the normals of the cone’s faces. It’s worth noting that the plane does not seem to readily launch the player in the direction of the normal for some reason.
Meshpart Teleporting Repro.rbxl (123.2 KB)

To reproduce:

  • Play solo
  • Select one of the meshparts (client or server, doesn’t matter), cube works best
  • Resize the part to 0.1, 0.1, 0.1 using the properties widget. Command bar / script works too.
  • Walk into the part

You can see I am pushed away in the direction of the face I presumably run into first. If I rotate the cube then this effect is preserved and instead of being pushed axis-aligned, I can be pushed into the air or even under the baseplate.

Currently in my game players are creating tiny parts using F3X build tools and using this effect to grief and harass other players. :I